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Here are a few marijuana tech gadgets for your home and kitchen

Some people take their weed very seriously. LendEDU recently conducted a poll of 1,000 legal marijuana users, asking them about their spending habits. The poll found that cannabis consumers spend an average of more than $110 per month on marijuana, and they buy more than six pot-related products each month. Almost three out of 10 legal users (27.6 percent) spend more money on marijuana than they do on eating out at restaurants.

What are they buying? Well, in addition to purchasing different types of weed like “grape krush” or “pineapple skunk,” they are also buying reefer accessories and gadgets for their homes. Some of the marijuana tech we found looks like something out of a stoner sci-fi movie, and other gadgets are devices you would see in a typical kitchen (but pot users find highly creative uses for the products). Check out some of the crazy marijuana kitchen and home gadgets we found.

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