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Heat any jacket with the Torch 2.0, the world’s first universal coat heater

Heated apparel is making strides across the outdoor industry. And while heated jackets are certainly not a new thing, the Torch 2.0 is the first heater engineered to be used with any kind of coat. This patent pending design allows you to keep warm in winter — in whatever you’re already wearing. 

The founders successfully crowdfunded the Torch on Indiegogo last year and will soon be offering the upgraded 2.0 version to the public. The design takes heated elements traditionally implemented into fabric and places them closer to the body, making for a substantial increase in efficiency when compared to most heated apparel. The technology features a battery operated heater that can be integrated seamlessly into a jacket and Velcro patches that allow for easy transfer from one product to another. The battery is a 5V, 6,000mAh, lithium-polymer type, which can be manufactured in a very small size and easily tucked away into a hidden battery pocket.

The coat heater is comprised of nickel-chromium composite wires that heat up evenly when a current passes through them and can be used repeatedly through countless heating and cooling cycles. The battery sports a Micro USB port for universal usage and a USB plug so that you can also use the battery to charge your phone.

The Velcro pads that hold the Torch heater in place are flexible and soft, so that when you’re not wearing your Torch they’re virtually unnoticeable. These pads make for easy installation and feature permanent adhesion, so that you never have to worry about your Torch slipping off. If you don’t want the Velcro pads permanently attached to your jacket, the Torch 2.0 offers a semi-adhesive Velcro installation option as well.  The outer material of the Torch is spacer mesh, similar to the fabric used on running shoes, and designed to be resistant to fraying.

The Torch 2.0 is fully rechargeable and each charge lasts up to five hours. Four different heat settings allow you to adjust the level of warmth depending on changing weather conditions. Set it on the highest setting while hitting that fresh powder in the chill of the early morning and turn down the heat as the sun begins to warm the air.

The upgraded Torch 2.0 comes in 3 different sizes and will soon be available to the public. The original Torch can be purchased for $60 on the company’s website.

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